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Auditor-General Asked to Review "Tibby" Cotter Bridge Cost Blow Out

4 February 2015

Alex Greenwich, the Independent Member for Sydney, has urged the Auditor- General to review the business case and rationale for the Tibby Cotter Bridge over ANZAC Parade. This follows news that the cost for the bridge has blown out  by $13 Million dollars to $38 Million dollars.

There was no competitive tender process for the bridge, no independent assessment, a sham consultation process, and the bridge is opposed by local residents, cyclists, and the local council.
Mr Greenwich said:
“The Government’s desire to engage in monument building comes at a huge cost to the tax payer and seriously encroaches on parklands”
“We are set to have a white elephant that the community opposes and cyclists won’t use”
“The bridge will be of little public benefit, and these fund would have been better spent on a much needed inner-city high school”
“The Minister’s justification that the cost blow out is a result of the heritage council is a furphy, their modifications were known well before plans were publicly released and construction began”.

Mr Greenwich’s letter to the Auditor-General is HERE and media repost on the increased cost are HERE

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  • commented 2015-02-05 17:20:52 +1100 · Flag
    These are exactly the questions that the Auditor General can review – with access to the internal documents and staff.
  • commented 2015-02-04 20:07:30 +1100 · Flag
    Maybe some properly executed triple bottom line cost-benefit analysis would have prevented this Alex? Any project with these type of variations, needs to be looked at real hard! What sort of feasibility study was carried out I wonder! Who is responsible for managing the project?