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Alex is committed to government transparency and accountability; protecting the natural and urban environments, open space and Sydney’s unique heritage; retaining inner city social and affordable housing; the humane treatment of animals; improving transport options; and fairness and equality for the LGBTI communities.

Gay Hate Crimes

28 January 2015

Reports of evidence ‘disappearing’ from police records are very concerning, undermine attempts to solve gay hate crimes from the 1980s and 1990s and reinforce the need for independent oversight of police. The Herald article is HERE

In response to my most recent question in Parliament (HERE), the minister says that the Operational Programs Command is reviewing crime from that time for ‘sexual orientation bias’ and NSW Police now have a Corporate Sponsor for Bias Motivated Crimes, a Bias Crimes Coordinator and training for all officers covering crimes based on gender, culture, religion, sexuality and orientation, age and disability I’ve asked the Premier to ensure a full independent investigation.

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