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Alex is committed to government transparency and accountability; protecting the natural and urban environments, open space and Sydney’s unique heritage; retaining inner city social and affordable housing; the humane treatment of animals; improving transport options; and fairness and equality for the LGBTI communities.


I support a greater focus on prevention and early intervention to prevent illness and early death. We have increasing levels of chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma and obesity, which will have long term impacts.

Mental health and alcohol/drug services are overloaded and the inner city has concentrations of homeless people. I will push hard for outreach services to help people before they are in crisis, get support early and help them get their lives together again. I support school programs for healthy eating and activity, and against bullying and discrimination.

I support harm minimisation strategies, with health services for drug users and Police focusing on drug dealing and trafficking.

My latest actions on Health

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  • John Smith
    commented 2013-11-15 14:21:55 +1100 · Flag
    We need a mental & emotional health strengthening strategy as well to increase our EQ. If we strengthen our mental and emotional strengths then we are less likely to eat badly or do drugs. Methods that I had heard about are gratitude exercises, NLP and EFT. Once people feel good about themselves, this will also reduce bullying and discrimination because they don’t have to put people down to feel good. We also need to teach people to redirect their energy for good and teach them leadership.