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Alex is committed to government transparency and accountability; protecting the natural and urban environments, open space and Sydney’s unique heritage; retaining inner city social and affordable housing; the humane treatment of animals; improving transport options; and fairness and equality for the LGBTI communities.

Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill

(Joint Media Release, 16 May 2017)

The NSW Parliamentary Working Group on Assisted Dying (PWGAD) today released a public consultation draft of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 (NSW), bringing the Bill one step closer to being debated by the NSW Parliament.

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Sex worker community slams Brothel Inquiry findings

(Kieren Adair, 12 November 2015,

The findings of a parliamentary inquiry into the regulation of NSW brothels have drawn the ire of sex workers, and health professionals alike, after recommending the state abandon decriminalisation in favour of a licensing scheme for sex work...

...Alex Greenwich, a member of the inquiry and MP for Sydney, has already moved to distance himself from the reports findings. In a joint statement with other dissenting MPs, he told the media that he is “concerned that increasing police powers, especially entry powers, could compromise the safety and privacy of sex workers, and ignores the historic links between police corruption and sex work as proven during the Wood Royal Commission.”

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Local Democracy Weakened

Tuesday 15 August 2017 

I opposed new laws to remove development decisions from councils in  Sydney and Wollongong and hand them to planning panels stacked with ministerial appointees.  

Despite claims that the bill is about preventing corruption, because panel members are not elected by and answerable to the community and will make decisions behind closed doors, corruption risks could increase. I told Parliament changes are really about fast tracking approvals. My speech is HERE.


Utility Reform

Follow the links to see my questions in parliament and Ministers' responses. 

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Action on Prisons and Recidivism

Follow the links below to see my questions in parliament and Ministers' responses.


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