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Alex is committed to government transparency and accountability; protecting the natural and urban environments, open space and Sydney’s unique heritage; retaining inner city social and affordable housing; the humane treatment of animals; improving transport options; and fairness and equality for the LGBTI communities.

Media Appearances

Sex worker community slams Brothel Inquiry findings

(Kieren Adair, 12 November 2015,

The findings of a parliamentary inquiry into the regulation of NSW brothels have drawn the ire of sex workers, and health professionals alike, after recommending the state abandon decriminalisation in favour of a licensing scheme for sex work...

...Alex Greenwich, a member of the inquiry and MP for Sydney, has already moved to distance himself from the reports findings. In a joint statement with other dissenting MPs, he told the media that he is “concerned that increasing police powers, especially entry powers, could compromise the safety and privacy of sex workers, and ignores the historic links between police corruption and sex work as proven during the Wood Royal Commission.”

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Treating Ice Users Like Criminals Won't Fix The Problem

(Alex Greenwich, 23 October 2015, The Huffington Post)

There are some indications that ice use is on the rise, with reports of the drug's availability increasing and cost decreasing, and growing waiting lists for rehabilitation programs.

To understand the problems associated with the drug I've spoken to health professionals, social workers, heard from people who have experienced addiction to the drug, and looked at the relevant research.

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Australia’s Shameful Record of Biodiversity Loss

(Alex Greenwich, 19 October 2015, The Big Smoke)

Australia has a shameful record of biodiversity loss, with the highest rates of species loss among developed countries. In New South Wales, 100 animals and plants have become extinct since European settlement and nearly 1,000 are at risk, with 59 percent of animals listed as threatened. We have lost more than one-third of our native vegetation and almost all of our rainforests. Loss of biodiversity affects everyone, given its implications on climate change, food security, air and water, especially impacting our future generations.

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Politicians open new wharf

(29 September 2015, The Weekly Times)

Sydney MP Alex Greenwich and Drummoyne MP John Sidoti have jointly announced the opening of a new commuter ferry wharf in Pyrmont.

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Auditor condemns Tibby Cotter bridge cost blow-out

(Jacob Saulwick, 27 September 2015, The Sydney Morning Herald)

The NSW government could have saved up to $25 million on the cost of the $38 million Albert "Tibby" Cotter Walkway had it followed different procurement processes, a damning audit into the bridge has found.

"The report proves this was nothing more than short-sighted monument building, that came at a great and unnecessary expense to the tax payer," said the Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich.

"The report has vindicated the community outrage about the project," he said.

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Where to next for Australian Marriage Equality?

(Alex Greenwich, 14 September 2015,

If the Australian political system was fair we would have marriage equality, but it’s not and we don’t.

It’s always tempting to focus on how out of touch those who oppose reform are, but as we know that doesn’t get us anywhere.

As someone who has been intimately involved in the marriage equality campaign for the best part of decade, I know that now is the time to take a few deep breaths and think strategically. We need to now focus on the political realities and challenges associated with the next federal election and a possible plebiscite.

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NSW opens arms and borders to Syrian refugees

(Chris Calcino, 12 September 2015, The Northern Star)

Members of parliament from across the political spectrum have made it official that NSW will welcome Syrian refugees with open arms.

A motion put by independent MP Alex Greenwich to accept those fleeing persecution in their home country received unanimous support. 

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MP Alex Greenwich calls for end of corporate welfare to “industries of the past”

(Denham Sadler, 9 September 2015,

Governments need to do away with corporate welfare to fading industries in favour of supporting the entrepreneurs that are creating the jobs of the future, NSW MP Alex Greenwich says.

The independent member for Sydney says there needs to be more of a focus on startups and diversity needs to be at the forefront of any political discussions about job creation.

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Moore Park vision for underground car park, mountain bike course and function centre in 25-year plan

(Nick Hansen, 20 August 2015, Wentworth Courier)
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Democracy under threat in City of Sydney council elections

Alex Greenwich, 6 August 2015, The Sydney Morning Herald

We pride ourselves on our democratic, transparent and fair electoral system but new legislation, adopted by the Baird government after striking a deal with the Shooters and Fishers Party, means City of Sydney council elections could forever be tied up in courts with no result safe from legal challenge.

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