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NSW should follow Vic lead on erasing gay convictions

The Independent Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, has called on the NSW Government to follow the lead of the Victorian Government in supporting legislation to expunge the criminal records of gay men charged with offences including sodomy and buggery prior to decriminalisation in 1984.

Mr Greenwich said he will review the Victorian legislation and introduce similar legislation into NSW Parliament this year:

"2014 marks 30 years since decriminalisation and I will work with my State parliament colleagues to right this historic wrong that saw gay men charged for being who they are and loving who they love". 

Mr Greenwich said he would also like to see Australia play a role in advocating for decriminalisation of homosexuality around the world and region:

"Some of our closest neighbours still jail men for being gay. In Papau New Guinea you can be sentenced for up to 14 years. Australia must play a role in ending this appalling discrimination". 

Mr Greenwich has written to the Foreign Minister asking her to raise the issue of decriminalisation during her upcoming visit to Papua New Guinea.  A copy of the letter is HERE.

For further information contact Alex Greenwich on 9360 3053.

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