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Proposal to Shrink City “Another Desperate Gerrymander”

21 August 2015

Alex Greenwich, the Independent Member for Sydney, has slammed proposals by City of Sydney Councillor Christine Forster to shrink the City of Sydney to the CBD, labelling it “another desperate gerrymander”.

Mr Greenwich said:
“Great global cities are residential, business, tourist and entertainment hubs we need our CBD to be run by a council that meshes needs and interests. 
“Extracting the vast majority of residents to other local government areas and governing for so-called only “business needs” could leave the city a characterless concrete jungle”
“It is no surprise the Shooter’s and Fishers are backing this plan, their lack of respect for inner city democracy is well known and was made clear when they legislated to halve residents’ votes in City of Sydney elections”
“Elements of the Liberal Party have clearly been assessing the numbers and after realising the party can’t control Town Hall fairly, they’ve come up with another desperate gerrymander” 
“For the NSW Government to even entertain the idea shows the “Fit for the Future” process is a farce. We’ve repeatedly heard the government say “bigger is better” but it thinks smaller is better  when it gives the party a chance to win”.


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  • Victor Pigott
    commented 2015-08-26 01:07:08 +1000 · Flag
    Stephen is spot on in his remarks. In recent times the political process throughout Australia has been hijacked by the two major parties who present narrow ideological views which align with respective vested interests. The aims of these vested interests do not always correspond to the best interests of the majority. We need more than ever, decent, genuine and non-ideological independents to curb the excesses of the executive and to maintain the Rule of Law. I recall the good work of Clover Moore, John Hatton, Dr Peter McDonald, Ted Mack and the late Reverend Gordon Moyes as sitting Independents in the NSW Parliament. In the SCC Clover Moore and her team represent genuine, non-partisan and independent Government who are doing their best to make Sydney into a world-class capital, one which the citizens of NSW will be proud. In recent years successive NSW Governments have enacted legislation with one sole intention; to remove Clover and install their own biased, non-independent and partisan team. This latest move is just another attempt by the Coalition to create an ideological gerrymander that will act against the interests of the majority. To ensure good Government it is vital in both State and Federal elections to ensure that decent independents are elected to the Upper House.
  • Stephen Falkiner
    commented 2015-08-25 17:19:06 +1000 · Flag
    SCC provides a good balance between the needs of business and private residents. It would be a tragedy for the residents to be sidelined by a gerrymandered electoral process. Sydney has operated very successfully for many years as a non-party aligned Council. Heaven help us all if this independence is taken away and our citizens are left with control of the Council in the hands of vested interests only concerned with financial gain above all.