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Alex is committed to government transparency and accountability; protecting the natural and urban environments, open space and Sydney’s unique heritage; retaining inner city social and affordable housing; the humane treatment of animals; improving transport options; and fairness and equality for the LGBTI communities.

Sydney IMAX Building Redevelopment Submission

19 February 2016

My submission on the IMAX building redevelopment raises very serious impact on public space and neighbours, and will result in gross overdevelopment of Darling Harbour. I’ve opposed the proposal in its current form, HERE

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  • commented 2016-02-29 18:54:20 +1100 · Flag
    Thank you Alex- completely agree that he proposed re-development is out of scale and offers no improvement to amenity of the current IMAX building and its large screen cinema which is unique in Sydney, The current building is appropriate, sympathethic, practical, and cleverly integrated into its location next to the western Distributot roadway.

    I object to ANY redevelopment of ANY cinema complex in Sydney City – we have already lost too much . Let’s not lose anymore.

    There is no justification of the over scale proposed re-development of this cleverly designed building.