389 & 333 Buses

389 & 333 Buses

In response to my questions in Parliament about 389 bus reliability, the minister says the 389 is a ‘turn up and go high frequency’ service on weekdays between 6am and 8pm with 125 services each day, then a timetabled service outside these hours.

He says that service levels are measured by agreement on frequency and capacity between Transport for NSW and Transit Service West with punctuality and cancellation data only collected for timetabled services. The less than 2.5 per cent of 389 buses cancelled and less than two per cent running late that he reports does not include peak services and is contrary to the complaints raised with my office.

According to the minister, bus services across Sydney have been affected by COVID-19 illness and bus driver shortages. He says the government is undertaking intensive recruitment campaigns to get more drivers > HERE.

The minister’s reply on 333 bus capacity says that this is the highest patronised bus route running up to every 2-3 mins during weekday peak periods, including larger articulated buses to increase capacity. He says that September Opal ticketing data shows there is generally space on most bus services during peak periods and there are no plans to increase 333 service levels during weekday peak periods. My questions > HERE.  

Please report problems with buses cancelled or late to Transport for NSW so transport planners hear directly from those who rely on public transport > HERE.

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