“One vote, one value”

“One vote, one value”

(by Lucia Osborne-Crowley, 4 September 2014, City News)

Should the business vote be reformed in the City of Sydney?

A debate and public discussion with:

  • Alex Greenwich MP, Independent Member for Sydney
  • Gareth Ward, MP, Deputy Government Whip
  • Jamie Parker, MP, Greens, Member for Balmain
  • Angela Vithoulkas, Independent Councillor City of Sydney
  • Edward Mandla, Liberal Councillor City of Sydney
  • Linda Scott, Labor Councillor City of Sydney

On Wednesday, September 10, City Hub will host an open debate debate on the Shooters and Fishers proposed reforms to the City of Sydney Act. Residents and business owners will be able to ask questions following statements by debate participants in order to promote better understanding of the issues surrounding the proposed reform.

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