ACCA Volunteers

ACCA Volunteers

(Community Recognition Statement, 24 September 2019, Hansard, Parliament of NSW)

On behalf of the Sydney Electorate, I acknowledge the volunteers who support the inner city Chinese-Australian community through the Australian Chinese Community Association (ACCA).

Earlier this year, I spoke at the annual ACCA Volunteers' Appreciation Luncheon where we gave certificates of appreciation to 100 people for Volunteer Week. The volunteer board must be congratulated for their commitment, skills and time to govern this non-profit community based organisation including President Eric Wu, past President Shirley Chan and Councillor Benjamin Chow.

ACCA volunteers support elderly Chinese-speaking residents particularly those living in Surry Hills, Haymarket and Chinatown, who need help to live independently at home. They play a vital role when they speak the same language as those they help with delivered meals and social support.

I’m proud to work with ACCA and recognise the amazing work they do with a small staff and many volunteers, reinforcing that the Sydney electorate is powered by volunteers from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!