Act on Housing

Act on Housing

Dire news on renting in Sydney continues. Anglicare’s annual Rental Affordability Snapshot in March found there are no affordable rentals for most people receiving income support and less than one percent for those earning a full-time minimum wage in Greater Sydney and the Illawarra. Most people on income support or low incomes are struggling to compete in this market and ending up in severe housing stress that is putting their and their family’s health and welfare at risk. The report > HERE.

I remain committed to achieving rental relief and have called for reform with the Premier, ministers and leader of the opposition. The solution will need to be multifaceted and include better regulated rent increases, tenants’ rights, and supply, particularly affordable housing supply.

The national Everybody’s Home campaign is encouraging people to contact their federal MP to push for more social housing and increased income support in the upcoming budget > HERE

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