Alarming Development Proposals on our Parklands

Alarming Development Proposals on our Parklands

Alex Greenwich MP comments on the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust's long term vision for parklands.

“The trust is doing the responsible thing by developing and releasing a long term vision for the land under its care, but the community will be outraged at further loss of open green space and threats to the park integrity because the NSW Government won’t fund its operation.

“While I welcome some proposals, especially the shared cycle and pedestrian path along Oxford Street, I cannot support development that will damage the parklands and reduce scarce green open space in the inner city,” Mr Greenwich said.

“With light rail soon to link Central Station with the parklands, the proposed massive car park under Moore Park West would undermine the South East Light Rail’s viability and encourage more people to drive to events.

“An underground car park would seriously risk old growth trees and stymie growth of existing and future trees, with loss of green open space to make way for access and ventilation stacks,” Mr Greenwich said.

“Car parking was removed from Moore Park West as compensation for lost parklands when the Eastern Distributor was built. Despite commitments in the 1992 Moore Park plan of management, cars continue to park on Moore Park East. We should use the new light rail service to rid the area of damaging parking and traffic gridlock.

“Light rail should be the travel mode of choice, and be integrated into ticketing for all events at the SCG, Fox Studios and the parklands.

“Proposed development on Moore Park, the E S Marks Field and at Fox Studios will alienate more green and public open space at a time when massive development at the adjacent Green Square will bring 40,000 new residents with no private open space to the area,” Mr Greenwich said.

“While I understand the cash-strapped Trust needs to generate revenue as the State Government has chopped recurrent funding, the parklands should be protected first and foremost for the outdoor recreation needs of present and future generations as Governor Macquarie intended in the 1811 Sydney Common bequest,” Mr Greenwich concluded.

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