Alex Greenwich has welcomed the successful Safe Schools program into NSW Schools

Mr Greenwich said:

“Every student should be safe at school, and this program works to prevent bullying and encourage school communities that support a safe environment for all students, including same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse young people.

“This program’s approach to inclusion and diversity will benefit all students, and make life a lot better for LGBTI students by preventing violence, bullying, abuse and exclusion.

“Young people take the skills and attitudes they develop at school into their futures. Every student should learn that they are okay and don’t deserve abuse or mistreatment.

“I will be writing to all the schools the serve the Sydney electorate and encourage them to get on board”

“In Parliament I will also push for sex education programs to be updated to include safe same-sex sex education,  it is not enough to know about the mechanics of straight sex. All students need to know about relationships, safe sex and the diversity of sexual experience.”