Alex's Update 169

Alex's Update 169

Monday 16 May 2016

SCG Development, Terrorism Bill, Christmas in Pyrmont, Forest Logging Report, Strata Regulation, HopeStreet Gambling and IDAHOT

SCG Development

I introduced a private members bill to remove exemptions from planning and local government laws that allow the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust to develop its land without a public development application. The sports minister currently signs off on development behind closed doors – as he did this week for a five and a half storey training and education centre with underground parking on the Gold Members Car Park – with no opportunity for neighbours to view traffic, heritage, tree or shadowing reports and contribute to the final decision. This is unfair; home owners, developers, schools, universities, hospitals, aged care facilities, churches and governments must all submit a DA. My introductory speech is HERE

Ask the Premier to support my bill HERE and I also encourage you to call for support from the Prime Minister whose seat the SCG falls in, see

Terrorism Bill

Terrorism is a serious global challenge but boosting police powers to the point where 14 year olds can be arrested, detained and questioned for 14 days, without charge, access to their families or judicial oversight will not reduce terror and extremism. In Parliament I opposed the latest terrorism bill, which erodes the very rights that differentiate our society from countries that breed global terrorism. Governments need to prioritise social cohesion not resentment and alienation. My speech is HERE

Christmas in Pyrmont

Join locals this Friday for a night of cheese and wine at The Station in Pyrmont, raising funds for the Christmas in Pyrmont events. Contact Mandy for more details: [email protected] or 0448 266 820.

Forest Logging Report 

Last week I helped the National Parks Association and the Nature Conservation Council launch a report that shows devastating destruction to our native forests by Regional Forest Agreements (RFA), which allow logging to clear habitat needed by threatened and vulnerable species. The report shows that improving protection would create massive social, economic and environmental benefits including in tourism and carbon sequestration. RFAs are being extended in Tasmania without any assessment and I encourage you to ask the Premier to abandon this model in NSW contact HERE. Links to the report are available HERE.

Strata Regulation

The proposed strata regulation is in exhibition for community comment by 27 May. This spells out how the new strata laws will work in practice, including how strata properties can be redeveloped, how executive committees operate and rules for maintenance and financial management. Details HERE

HopeStreet Gambling

Join me at the launch of HopeStreet Gambling Help’s Responsible Gambling Awareness Week Wednesday 18 May 9-11am. Guest speaker Professor Alex Blaszczynski, Director of Sydney University Gambling Treatment Clinic and world leader in the study of problem gambling will speak along with Hopestreet Coordinator Sondra Kalnins. RSVP: Sondra telephone 9332 3506 or email [email protected].


The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia is on 17 May. Show you support diversity and inclusion HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!