Alex's Update 177

Alex's Update 177

Monday 11 July 2016

Greyhound Cruelty Shutdown, Rethink Ultimo School, Museums & Galleries Inquiry, Regulating Guns, Juniper Hall DA and Bone Marrow Fundraising

Greyhound Cruelty Shutdown

The Premier’s decision to shut down greyhound racing in NSW from 1 July 2017 is most welcome. This decision follows the damning report of the Special Commission of Inquiry into the greyhound industry set up following longstanding community campaigns and repeated exposure of gross and systemic animal cruelty and illegal activity. Vested interests were allowed to ‘self-regulate’, covering up mass killings of dogs they called ‘wastage’, live baiting, catastrophic race injuries and repeated reform failures.

The shutdown includes a welfare plan for greyhounds, an industry support package and a commitment that racing assets remain available for open public space, sporting facilities or other community use. Inner city communities will be concerned that Wentworth Park remains for sport and recreation use. The report is HERE.

I encourage anyone thinking of a greyhound as a pet to look at rehoming a greyhound over the next year as the industry prepares to decide the future of the 6,800 registered dogs through groups like and

The industry adoption body is holding an adoption day at Wentworth Park Saturday 16 July 10am-2pm. Information HERE.

Rethink Ultimo School

I’ve asked the Minister for Education to reconsider using the former council depot site at Fig and Wattle streets following information about contamination at the Wentworth Park site that was intended as a temporary site during construction of a new Ultimo school on the existing site. Costs of remediation at Wentworth Park and the current school site may make remediation at the former depot cost-effective.

My joint letter with Jamie Parker Member for Balmain is HERE.

Museums & Galleries Inquiry

The Legislative Council Inquiry into Museums and Galleries provides an opportunity to find out what is behind the government’s plans with the Powerhouse Museum, for the community to show how important the museum is in Ultimo and to push for details about the costs of relocation. Submissions are due 14 August. Information to help prepare a submission HERE and HERE. Inquiry details HERE.


I’m concerned about the ongoing deregulation of firearms that were introduced following the tragic 1996 Port Arthur shootings. As regulation has weakened the number of firearms has increased. The recent mass shooting in Orlando Florida could not have occurred without access to rapid fire weapons. Information: 

In Parliament, I asked about NSW Government action to reduce access to dangerous guns like the Adler A110 and Pardus LAX. My question is HERE

Juniper Hall DA

I share community concern about overdevelopment of the heritage Juniper Hall site at 248-250 Oxford Street Paddington. Development application 222/2016 proposes welcome restoration of Juniper Hall for use as art gallery, retail, offices and home. However the large two-storey gallery and shops with roof terrace and connecting bridge on the northern side is too big. Proposed excavation and underground shops on the southern (Oxford Street) side will impact on the heritage building and garden, removing it from the adjacent civic space and public access. Comments close Thursday 14 July. Details HERE.

Bone Marrow Arrow Fundraising

Support Neil Pennock’s inspiring fundraising for a new bone marrow transplant ward at St Vincent’s Hospital in memory of his late partner Trace Richey, who needed this treatment for Myelodysplastic Syndrome, information HERE.

Neil’s running with a team in this year’s City2Surf, support the team HERE.

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