Alex's Update 235

Alex's Update 235

Monday 25 September 2017

Voluntary Assisted Dying, NDIS Advocacy, Illegal Posters, Harbour Bridge Cycleway & Sydney Rides

Voluntary Assisted Dying

The Hon Trevor Khan introduced the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill in the Legislative Council on Thursday on behalf of the NSW Parliamentary Working Group on Assisted Dying. I’ve worked with National, Liberal, Labor and Green members in the group for over two years to create a bill to help people who are terminally ill and experiencing significant pain and suffering to get assistance to die at the end of their life. The bill is based on the conservative Oregon model that has been in place unchanged for 20 years and has not resulted in abuse, reduced palliative care funding or eroded the patient-doctor relationship.

The bill is about compassion and I encourage you to read Trevor’s introductory speech, which outlines the strong safeguards and provides a heartfelt account of why it is important to him, HERE.  

NDIS Advocacy

I remain concerned that people with disability continue to access advocacy for the support they need under the National Disability Insurance Scheme after 1 July when the NSW Government plans to stop funding disability advocacy services. Unfortunately the minister’s response to my question in Parliament makes it clear that people with disability will be left completely under NDIS control. My question is HERE. I hope that NDIS funding through the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building program will provide funding for independent advocacy services:  

NDIS is a Commonwealth program so I’ve asked the federal minister to ensure adequate funding HERE. This is particularly important for early intervention support for children with disability, which significantly affects their future, information HERE.

Illegal Posters

Current laws only allow prosecution of those posting illegal commercial posters, not the promoters and producers, making enforcement ineffective and targeting the wrong people, leaving councils to pay millions of dollars each year removing and cleaning up. Despite numerous requests, the government still hasn’t reformed the law and I again asked the Attorney General for action.

My letter is HERE and my latest questions in Parliament are HERE.  

Harbour Bridge Cycleway

I’m pleased that the government is finally moving to fix problems with the Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway, which has inaccessible steps at the northern end and at the southern end puts cyclists and pedestrians in conflict, especially around Fort Street Public School. Designs should be open for public comment later this year.

My most recent questions are HERE. The response to my latest letter HERE. Harbour Bridge access project details HERE

Sydney Rides

Check out the huge range of events for the October Sydney Rides Festival – from try-a-bike to foodie and chocolate tours, along with free tune-ups and guided rides around secret spots. Details HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!