Alex's Update 237

Alex's Update 237

Monday 9 October 2017

Fix Westconnex, Oxford Street Inaction, Support Legal Centres, Retirement Village Inquiry, More Major Projects & Garage Sale Trail

Fix Westconnex

Lord Mayor Clover Moore, SMH columnist Elizabeth Farrelly, infrastructure expert Professor Peter Newman and respiratory health specialist Professor Paul Torzillo discuss how to fix the $50 billion Westconnex project.

This public meeting is at Sydney Town Hall Wednesday 11 October 7-8.15pm, information HERE

Oxford Street Inaction

When will the government act to improve Oxford Street?

In 2014 the minister said that Roads and Maritime Services would carry out an ‘independent strategic review’ of the Oxford Street corridor in 2015-16, HERE. In 2016, the minister said a draft report would be released mid-2017, HERE. Now the minister says that it’s a ‘multi-modal road network plan’ and part of a ‘Movement and Place’ framework due in 2018, HERE

The current arrangement gives priority to fast moving through-traffic, undermining high street small businesses, visitors and the adjacent community.

Support Legal Centres

The government is reviewing its funding of community legal centres, including the model and level of funding. I regularly refer vulnerable people with very limited resources to legal centres for help and they are vital for access to justice. Legal centres are also crucial to providing members of Parliament with advice about the impact new policies and laws have on already disadvantaged people.

I’ll make a submission to the review and encourage you to also comment by 23 October, HERE

More Major Projects

Inner city residents, workers and visitors face disruption with more major projects. I appreciate early briefings from the planners and have asked them to inform residents, protect against noise and night time disruption and provide 24 hour direct contacts.

Ausgrid plans a new electricity main along Wentworth Avenue, College Street and Macquarie Street, HERE.

Sydney Water’s Refresh Woolloomooloo is separating sewers and stormwater, information HERE.

Sydney Metro is starting work on a new station under Hickson Road and tunnel boring, HERE.

The Department of Defence will extend and deepen Garden Island wharves, HERE.

Light rail construction continues, information HERE.

Retirement Village Inquiry

Complete the survey, attend a forum or ask a speaker to attend your group or meeting from the Inquiry into NSW retirement villages, looking at their business practices:

In Parliament I’ve submitted questions about government action on elder abuse since the 2015 Parliamentary Inquiry, HERE.

Garage Sale Trail

The weekend of Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 October 9am-5pm is the ever-growing Garage Sale Trail, where you can list your sale and wander around hundreds of others to reuse and repurpose what others don’t need any more. Register your site and check out the others HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!