Alex's Update 191

Alex's Update 191

Monday 17 October 2016

New Housing Fund, Reactivating Oxford Street, Greyhound Rally, Education Standards Authority, and Graffiti Removal Day


I supported the government’s new low cost housing fund legislation, which will invest $1 billion and use the interest to build or buy new social and affordable housing. In debate, I called for further strategies to increase the amount of low cost housing and to ensure that the housing continues to be available after the 25 years it is proposed to operate. My speech is HERE.


The City of Sydney, Woollahra Municipal Council, local businesses and residents have been working together to reactivate Oxford Street. In Parliament I commended these projects and called for the government to support the East Sydney Destination Marketing Strategy developed by the Darlinghurst Business Partnership, Potts Point Partnership and Surry Hills Creative Precinct. I repeated calls for amended liquor restrictions to support local venues, light rail as a transport solution and removal of the clearway.

I will soon meet with the City of Sydney and Oxford Street business owners to look at collaborating tenancies and a curated approach to filling empty shops. My speech is HERE.


NSW politics reached new lows with the major parties using animal cruelty as a political football. Labor promised a strong animal welfare policy before the election, but opposed the greyhound racing ban to cause pain for the government (especially at the Orange by-election) and the government claimed a ban was the only solution but baulked at ongoing pressure and retreated to support industry tweaks. The Special Commission of Inquiry concluded abhorrent cruelty including massive killings, frequent injuries, painful DIY treatment, live baiting and long term kennelling cannot be fixed.

Parliament should close this cruel, small, government – and gambling – subsidised industry and I encourage you to attend the rally. Information HERE


All students must have access to a safe and inclusive learning environment free from discrimination regardless of their sex; LGBTI, marital or domestic status; or if they have a disability. In debate on the Education and Teaching Legislation Amendment Bill which will set up a new Education Standards Authority, I asked the minister to ensure that existing protections for students in private schools stay under the new scheme. My speech is HERE.


You help clean graffiti or suggest a site that needs cleaning up for Graffiti Removal Day on Sunday 30 October. Information HERE

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!