Alex's Update Issue 244

Alex's Update Issue 244

Monday 27 November 2017

SGC Threat, Cockle Bay, Newsletter 15, Terrorism Laws, Safer Building Products & World AIDS Day

SGC Threat

The government has kowtowed to another SCG request that even major sporting bodies that use SCG stadiums say is not needed. At a time when surrounding populations are skyrocketing and delivering massive funds to government coffers, the government should invest in much needed recreation space for apartment dwellers not spectator sports with empty stadium seats.

Allianz Stadium could be refurbished at far less cost and without putting Moore Park at risk. This $2.3billion dollar spend comes at a time when the government has cut all recurring funding to the parklands and has refused to invest in light rail changes that would protect the parklands.

We know the SCG wants to build on Moore Park and there are rumours it has its eyes on Driver Avenue and the Entertainment Quarter; it recently got the destructive Tibby Cotter Bridge to nowhere and now a new stadium – what will it get next?

With Parliamentary colleagues, Lord Mayor Clover Moore and community groups, we’ll be campaigning to oppose this scandalous plan.

Cockle Bay

Proposed redevelopment of Cockle Bay Wharf will provide new retail, commercial and entertainment space, a 195m high office tower, pedestrian bridge over the Western Distributor and open space. Comment is due 15 December HERE

Newsletter 15

My latest newsletter is being distributes across the electorate and is online HERE. Please let me know if you don’t get a copy over the next two weeks. 

Terrorism Laws

I joined crossbench colleagues to oppose new terrorism laws for the continued detention of an offender at the end of their sentence because they could commit a terrorist act. It is important that governments take effective action to reduce terrorism threats but this bill is a dangerous breach of basic human rights that could deprive innocent people of their freedom. We already have laws to deal with people who express an intention to conduct a terrorist attack; the new laws detain people for their beliefs and comments made in prison. It is not the role of the courts to predict what someone will do and punish them for it.

Healthy civilised democracies have a long tradition of not imprisoning people for their beliefs or crimes they have not committed; our civil rights protections distinguish us from countries that breed terrorism. While there is little evidence the new laws will improve community safety, they provide good ‘tough-on-terror’ sound bites and the government got support of the Opposition to pass the laws. 

My speech is HERE

Safer Building Products

I welcomed new powers for the Fair Trading Commissioner to ban the way a building product is used if it is unsafe. The commissioner can already ban products outright but a loophole allows for products that are only unsafe when used in certain circumstances, such as aluminium cladding in high rise towers. While I share concerns that the ban should occur at the supply end not at the use end, the bill will help protect consumers and I asked the minister to ensure the building industry is properly informed of any bans and helped to find alternatives.

I again asked the government to make sure that tenants are notified if their home is identified to have unsafe cladding following the audit of high rise towers. I also called for reforms to ensure that owners can get redress from defects because current timeframes and definitions favour builders. 

My speech is HERE and questions in Parliament are HERE

World AIDS Day

Several events commemorate World AIDS Day on 1 December and those who have died, to support people with HIV and to work to end HIV by 2020. BGF’s High Tea for HIV information HERE.  Positive Life’s event HERE and ACON’s annual showbiz event Hats Off! event HERE and Red Ribbon Appeal HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!