Alex's Update Issue 249

Alex's Update Issue 249

Wednesday 24 January 2018

Australia Day, Street Count, Climate Change Action, Darlinghurst Road DA, Marriage Law Reform & Manus/Nauru Speakout


For many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people the 26 January date is not something to celebrate because it marks the start of invasion, dispossession and killings, stolen wages, stolen children and ongoing inequality. Australia Day has not always been celebrated on this date and since 1938 many Indigenous people have seen this day as a day of mourning, calling it Invasion Day or Survival Day. Clearly this view is shared and growing across Australia HERE.

We must acknowledge the truths of our shared history and I believe we can trust Australians to have this important conversation about a more appropriate day and to work harder towards reconciliation. I support the call for Makaratta and the Uluru Statement from the Heart HERE

Learn about the history of the day HERE and HERE

Attend the Yabun Festival at Victoria Park 10am-7pm information HERE or HERE.

Join the rally at Redfern Park from 9.30am, information HERE or HERE.

The annual Invasion Day at The Block Redfern is on from 10am:

Join the ANTAR campaign HERE.  

You may also wish to support the DIY campaign HERE.

Support the ACOSS petition backing the Uluru Statement from the Heart HERE.

Support flying the Aboriginal flag permanently on the harbour bridge HERE


Join other volunteers to make contact with and log the number of homeless people across the City of Sydney on 19/20 February HERE.


Last week, I met with the Nature Conservation Council to discuss plans for campaigns to tackle climate change. Its new report ‘Repowering our Regions: A clean-energy roadmap to #Repower NSW’ outlines how NSW could transfer from 77 per cent coal power to 100 percent clean energy by 2030. Our reliance on dirty coal is archaic and has economic and environmental costs and we urgently need to meet our international obligations to prevent catastrophic climate change. We are falling behind Victoria and South Australia which are making excellent progress.

I encourage you to get involved in the campaign: Come to the Nature Conservation Council,, Lock the Gate and Wilderness Society rally Saturday 24 March HERE.


Kings Cross must continue to be a diverse and vibrant hub and my submission opposed the proposal to demolish multiple buildings consisting of the Bourbon and Empire hotels, a pharmacy, a medical centre, commercial space and serviced apartments into a uniform block of 83 apartments with two smaller licensed venues and a retail space. The beautiful Bourbon Victorian façade would be lost and a six storey bland wall would occupy the site. The proposal breaches a number of heritage and height controls, neighbouring apartments would lose light and views and over 100 new cars would be introduced to the already congested area. 

Last week I attended the community meeting and heard your concerns about how this development risks changing the character of our Cross. My submission is HERE. Comment closes 24 January HERE.

This proposal must be determined by an appointed Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel (IHAP) not the City of Sydney, following legislation passed last year that I opposed in Parliament.


The Attorney General’s office has informed me that the department is reviewing over 40 pieces of state legislation that may need updating following changes to the federal Marriage Act to allow all couples to marry. This includes the requirement for a person to be unmarried if they want to update the sex on their birth certificate following sex affirmation surgery – often called “forced trans divorce”. I look forward to working with the government to ensure these changes occur as soon as possible this year.


People who want an end to the intolerable situation for the 1,400 people held on Manus and Nauru for five years are meeting every Friday 6-7pm at the Queen Victoria statue in front of the Queen Victoria Building. They’re holding a friendly forum and demonstration, with tea, coffee and conversation afterwards. Details: Stephen 0451 509 232.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!