Alex's Update Issue 251

Alex's Update Issue 251

Monday 5 February 2018

Allianz Redevelopment, Blackwattle Marina, Stand By Me, Bikeshare Complaints & Inner City Legal Fundraiser

Allianz Redevelopment

Community opposition to the almost $1 billion knock-down and rebuild of Allianz Stadium is mounting. The plans come while our public transport, school, health and community sporting services are stretched. We’ve seen no business case and Infrastructure NSW says there will be no economic benefit.

The rebuild would move the stadium’s wall closer to Moore Park and turn our precious parklands as the stadium’s crowd spill area, encroaching on public green open space. This is linked with the SCG Trust’s push to permanently close Driver Avenue. The development excludes any transparency, accountability or public involvement with SCG Trust land exempt from planning laws.

While there is an online petition signed by over 160,000 people, the government is intent on pushing ahead at the behest of the powerful SCG Trust. This matter should be discussed in Parliament and will be if we can get over 10,000 signatures on my latest petition. I encourage you to download and sign it and distribute in among your friends, family and colleagues. My petition: HERE 

Blackwattle Marina

The government has refused to rule out keeping the Blackwattle Bay Marina at Bank Street once the Sydney Fish Market redevelopment is complete in “answers” to my questions in Parliament. Our protests against turning this prime waterfront site into a backend storage facility for charter boats have repeatedly been met with statements from UrbanGrowth that the plan is “only for 10 years”, however the government’s responses carefully avoid long term commitments. Promises from successive governments to turn this area into a much needed recreational destination should be honoured, now and in the long term.

I’ve made a number of submissions and recently asked the Premier to withdraw the UrbanGrowth proposal. My letter to the Premier: HERE. The responses to my questions in Parliament just deflect responsibility to UrbanGrowth: HEREHERE and HERE.

Stand By Me

I support the campaign to continue funding for independent information and advocacy services for people with disability to negotiate the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Join the more than 28,000 other people backing the Stand By Me campaign on their Day of Action next Tuesday 6 February when Parliament resumes. Sign the petition: HERE

Bikeshare Complaints

A number of people have contacted me about bikeshare bikes becoming a nuisance or safety risk when they are left blocking access or are a trip risk. There is no direct regulation of this new business model however in response to my questions in Parliament, the minister said the government will monitor the situation: HERE

Six inner city councils including the City of Sydney and Woollahra negotiated some controls with some operators: HERE. If bikes are left in problem areas, you can contact the bikeshare operator – there is a list on the web page above and contact details should be on the bike. Council may be able to move them if they are a danger or block access. I intend to follow up again with the minister when Parliament resumes.

Inner City Legal Fundraiser

Inner City Legal Centre is holding a special advance preview of ‘A Fantastic Woman’ on 13 February at Dendy Opera Quays. The award-winning Chilean film is about a transgender woman, played by a transgender woman, and the session includes a welcome drink and guest speaker. Funds raised will help Inner City Legal Centre to continue providing free legal services to the LGBTIQ community: HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!