Alex's Update Issue 256

Alex's Update Issue 256

Tuesday 13 March 2018

WestConnex Damage, State Debt Bill, Time2Choose, Seniors Festival & Neighbour Day


In Parliament, I called on the government to withdraw plans to expand roads and intersections between Alexandria and Moore Park (A2MP), proposed to deal with new traffic spilling into the streets from the WestConnex. When all associated road changes are factored in, WestConnex will cost a staggering $50 billion, when what we need and people want is more public transport options.

The A2MP project will carve off more Moore Park land and chop over 100 trees, including old growth trees, to make way for six-lane clearways. The ‘continuous flow’ intersection at Anzac Parade will have 12 lanes of traffic and take pedestrians 10 minutes to cross. It will be disastrous for the city and inner east and is opposed by the City of Sydney, Woollahra, Randwick and Waverley Councils. My speech: HERE

It is no coincidence that the plan to funnel thousands of cars to Moore Park coincides with the SCG’s plans to rebuild its stadium. Following my lobbying, including requests to the Premier, the government has agreed on an EIS process for the stadium rebuild, which will give the public opportunity to comment on the detail of the project. I will continue to call for withdrawal of this wasteful rebuild and encourage you to collect signatures on my petition: HERE  


I am concerned that the government’s new laws to enable Revenue NSW to use its extensive powers, including to garnish a debtor’s account, to collect debts on behalf of councils and government agencies could cause some people hardship. In response to my concerns, the government promised to withdraw powers to suspend certain occupational licences – this would only have made it harder for debtors to repay their debt. I asked for grace provisions, like the courts have, so that accounts are not garnished when a debt notice was sent to an old address.

Work and Development Orders should also be available for debtors with no viable option to clear their debt.  Government agencies need to recover debts but the system needs to protect the vulnerable from serious hardship. My speech: HERE


Put the date in your diary for the massive rally 12 noon on 24 March at NSW Parliament organised by the Nature Conservation Council,, The Lock the Gate Alliance and The Wilderness Society. The joint rally is calling for urgent action to protect land and water, communities and cultural heritage. Details: HERE


The annual Seniors Festival is on 4-15 April: HERE.

Do you know an older person or organisation that deserves recognition for their contribution to the community? Please let me know your suggestions for my nomination for a Seniors Local Achievement Award for the Sydney electorate.

The annual free Seniors Concerts are on 5 and 6 April at the International Convention Centre. There’s a Seniors Expo on the same days at the International Convention Centre and a Festival Comedy Show in partnership with the City of Sydney Wednesday 11 April 11am-12.30pm at Sydney Town Hall: HERE   


Neighbour Day is Sunday 25 March and local events each year aim to foster strong personal connections: HERE. This year, Woollahra Council will help you set up a local book club with a free workshop at Woollahra Library 2.30-3.30pm: HERE  

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!