Alex's Update Issue 259

Alex's Update Issue 259

Tuesday 10 April 2018

Stadium Flip, Disability Reprieve, Senior’s Awards, Committee for Late Sydney & Support Women’s Refuges


The NSW Government has seen it makes sense to refurbish ANZ Stadium and save money for other priorities but it is pushing ahead with a knock-down and rebuild of the 30-year old Allianz Stadium. The SCG Trust is getting what it wants despite plans being hugely unpopular across the state. The process has been shambolic with announcements made on the run without evidence of public benefit. The government has now been forced to table documents about the plans, allowing some scrutiny.

I remain concerned about impacts on Moore Park from crowd spill; my recent meeting with the trust identified proposals for paved pathways through the park. The parklands continue to be subject to encroachments including from the Tibby Cotter Bridge and the light rail, and soon from road and intersection expansions associated with WestConnex.

With the government removing all recurrent funding, Moore Park is suffering from a lack of investment. The government must start to prioritise community recreation and ensure people can get fresh air, exercise and respite.

Sign my petition against the stadium plan HERE.


I have been campaigning with advocates to get the government to reverse its decision to stop funding disability advocates when the NDIS rollout was complete on 1 July. Advocates can help ensure people with disability get the help they are entitled to and have been crucial to exposing systemic neglect and abuse.

The Premier’s decision to continue funding disability advocacy and information services until 2020 is a great win and I spoke at the #StandByMe rally at Parliament about the importance of ongoing funding beyond 2020. 


Community members have suggested several Sydney electorate residents for a 2018 Seniors Local Achievement Award that I’m pleased to support. I will acknowledge the contributions of Mary Mortimer, Peter Devoy and Julie Bates. Mary brings residents together to build local community and organises numerous campaigns – she’s involved in nearly every group in Pyrmont. Peter has been a core member of Pyrmont Cares, repurposing unwanted furniture. Julie has been an advocate for sex worker rights and harm reduction for many years, now working with Touching Base, which brings people with disability and sex workers together. Congratulations all three.

The Seniors Festival runs to 15 April, information HERE. Don’t forget the free Comedy Show with the City of Sydney Wednesday 11 April 11am-12.30 at Sydney Town Hall, information HERE.


If Sydney is seriously going to be a global city, we need to remove the 1.30am lockout for small bars and well managed venues. The Committee for Sydney’s latest report identified serious concerns with the lockout laws’ impacts on Sydney’s nightlife and made some sensible recommendations for greater diversity of night-time activities and late night transport.

Momentum for reforms to encourage safe night-time events and activities is building. The report is HERE.


The Women’s Electoral Lobby is calling for secure, long-term funding for specialist women’s domestic and family violence refuges. I worked with the SOS campaign to keep funding for inner city refuges and strongly support the campaign for crisis accommodation, HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!