Alex's Update Issue 48

Alex's Update Issue 48

One Year On, Inner City Marbles Challenge, Do Your Block for TAFE, Support Same-Sex Marriage, Action for Renewables and Planning Bills Remove Rights

This week marks the anniversary of my election as Member for Sydney with 64 per cent of the two-party preferred vote. Thank you for your support over the past year and for helping me achieve so many community focused outcomes. There is a lot more to do, and I'm just getting started...

To mark the end of Mental Health Month, and I joined local residents and service providers on Sunday for the inaugural Inner City Team Marbles Challenge at the Inner City Health Program, St Vincent's Hospital. The event is to raise awareness about the Inner City Recovery Cave, which provides a space every Wednesday 1-4pm for people with an interest in Recovery to network, share ideas and support each other. Details HERE.

You can help the campaign to retain and support TAFE by distributing leaflets in your local area during the week of 11-17 November, available to download HERE. I’ve spoken in Parliament about the vital role of TAFE that is at risk from the latest ‘reforms’. Read my speech HERE.

Join me to support the NSW Same-Sex Marriage Bill 2013 in NSW Parliament on Thursday 31 October from 9.30am. I’m part of the Cross-Party Group on Marriage Equality, and we’ve consulted community groups and legal experts on the bill and are confident it is robust and would withstand any High Court challenge. Details of the Bill, FAQs and registering for the Thursday event are HERE.

Households with solar panels connect to the grid in case they need more power than they generate, but also return excess solar energy, which retailers on-sell to customers at renewable energy rates. The State Government pays a tariff under the Solar Bonus Scheme and requires retailers to contribute a mandated rate, but households that installed panels after the scheme ended have to negotiate with retailers and receive low rates or nothing for the power they contribute.

In Parliament, I asked the Government to mandate IPART’s recommended rate for all households but the Minister did not agree with my concerns, talking only about the cost of Labor’s Solar Bonus Scheme to other households. My Question is HERE.

The Government has introduced planning bills into Parliament which are an improvement on drafts; however the devil will be in the detail. I’m assessing the legislation and consulting with environment and community groups and councils. Details HERE.

Have a great week

Alex Greenwich MP
Interdependent Member for Sydney

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!