Alex's Update Issue 57

Alex's Update Issue 57

Alcohol-related Violence, Duck Cruelty, Smashing the Glass Ceiling, Join me at Mardi Gras and Enjoy Sydney Festival

Today, I have written to the Premier and Opposition Leader to support my motion to establish a select committee Inquiry into Alcohol Fuelled Violence so that MPs can hear experts and those affected, assess successful measures from other places and put forward multi-partisan recommendations. I have asked them to support it being debated in the first sitting week back. My letters are HERE.

Recent violent attacks including some in the inner city have led to community demands for action to prevent alcohol related harm. The Government has introduced three strikes legislation and identification scanners in Kings Cross venues and extended licence freezes, and the Opposition now proposes 1am lockouts and 3am closures. I believe that this complex problem must be addressed on multiple levels including through licensing, planning, policing, pricing, transport, education and cultural change. 
The Daily Telegraph today published an opinion from me on the issue that can be read HERE.

Please email the Premier [email protected] and Opposition Leader [email protected] to ask them to support my calls for an Inquiry.

Animal Liberation’s report into duck farming (available HERE) exposed immense suffering and risks of disease associated with raising aquatic birds without surface water. But there are no specific codes for duck farming, with ducks treated as chickens which don’t need water. My questions in Parliament reveal little regulation, research and enforcement on duck farming, but the Domestic Poultry Model Code of Practice is set for review this year. Watch my statement for the campaign HERE

Kirsty Needham’s Sydney Morning Herald opinion piece  reinforced the problems of women’s workforce inequality, which I raised in Parliament last year, and in a piece for The Big Smoke HERE.
I encourage you to support Fair Agenda, an independent community advocacy organisation working to bring about a fair and equal future for Australian women. More information is available HERE

Join us in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade on Saturday 1 March. Along with Lord Mayor Clover Moore, I’ll be showing support for the LGBTI community and equality. RSVP for our float HERE  and I’ll keep you up to date with details. General parade information is HERE.

I’ll also be holding a stall at Fair Day in Victoria Park on Sunday 9 February 10am-7.30pm. Come and say hello! Details HERE


Have a great week

Alex Greenwich
Independent Member for Sydney

PS. For details of the Sydney Festival events, click HERE. I hope you get to enjoy some of the highlights of our cultural events.


Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!