Assisted Dying Reform

Assisted Dying Reform

On Sunday I announced that I will draft legislation for voluntary assisted dying. Momentum is building, with laws operating in Victoria and Western Australia, and Tasmania and Queensland are expected to pass laws soon. New Zealand’s successful referendum means laws will commence there later this year. People in NSW who are terminally ill and experiencing intolerable pain and suffering should be able to die with dignity if they choose.

My bill will be based on the Western Australian model which provides access to people who have been given six months to live or 12 months for neurodegenerative conditions, has strong safeguards against coercion and ensures doctors can conscientiously object.

I hope my colleagues will start having conversations with their communities and listen to the stories from those who are or have been affected. This is an issue that touches every one of us. I encourage people to sign the Dying with Dignity petition: > HERE.

My media release: > HERE and the Peter Fitzsimmons oped in the Sydney Morning Herald: > HERE.

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