Auditor-General Urged To Review Education Department Decision

(Media Release , 29 June 2015)

Alex Greenwich, the Independent Member for Sydney, has joined Jamie Parker, the Member for Balmain, in requesting the Auditor-General review the Education Department's controversial plan to renege on building a new 1,000 student school in Ultimo, and instead redevelop the existing site to provide a much smaller school than that promised before the March election.

It has also been revealed that Department ignored advice on the cost of re-mediating land for the school and told the community it would cost $20 million more than independent assessors recommended.

Mr Greenwich said:

"Spending $42 million to redevelop the existing site to provide a smaller school than needed makes little sense when compared to plans to sell the current site and use those proceeds in addition to the budgeted $42 million to build a 1,000 student primary school along with childcare facilities"

"The department's decision sets a bad precedent for massive remediation costs making to needed community infrastructure impossibly expensive"

The joint letter to the Auditor-General is available HERE