Australia Day

Australia Day

Wednesday 24 January 2018

For many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people the 26 January date is not something to celebrate because it marks the start of invasion, dispossession and killings, stolen wages, stolen children and ongoing inequality. Australia Day has not always been celebrated on this date and since 1938 many Indigenous people have seen this day as a day of mourning, calling it Invasion Day or Survival Day. Clearly this view is shared and growing across Australia HERE.

We must acknowledge the truths of our shared history and I believe we can trust Australians to have this important conversation about a more appropriate day and to work harder towards reconciliation. I support the call for Makaratta and the Uluru Statement from the Heart HERE

Learn about the history of the day HERE and HERE

Attend the Yabun Festival at Victoria Park 10am-7pm information HERE or HERE.

Join the rally at Redfern Park from 9.30am, information HERE or HERE.

The annual Invasion Day at The Block Redfern is on from 10am:

Join the ANTAR campaign HERE.  

You may also wish to support the DIY campaign HERE.

Support the ACOSS petition backing the Uluru Statement from the Heart HERE.

Support flying the Aboriginal flag permanently on the harbour bridge HERE

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!