Automated Crossings

Automated Crossings

Pedestrians can spend more time waiting at traffic lights than walking because vehicles get priority. When the pandemic began, to stop crowds forming at lights, pedestrian sequences became automatic, making getting around much easier. But without warning, these automatic sequences were recently removed confusing pedestrians and restoring the hostile environment on our streets. In a government briefing I was told automatic pedestrian sequences would be set to 6am to 10pm but was not told that this would only be in the CBD and that pedestrians would have to apply to cross in the inner city.

We should not be going back to archaic traffic arrangements that let cars rule. I have asked the government questions in Parliament about what assessment was made and have asked how the community can get automatic pedestrian sequences in their neighbourhood restored. If you would like me to bring a particular set of lights to the government’s attention, please send me details > [email protected].


My questions:

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