Automated Crossings

Automated Crossings

I know many of you remain frustrated by the removal of automated pedestrian crossings across the inner city. Giving motor vehicles priority while forcing pedestrians to “apply” and wait longer to cross roads is archaic and reduces the city’s liveability and attractiveness to visit.

When public spaces expert Jan Gehl visited in 2007, he argued Sydney treated its pedestrians as “second-class citizens”. During the pandemic when automation was introduced, it made the streets more welcoming and became hugely popular.

In response to my request to hear from you about which crossings you want restored to automatic, it was evident that most should be reinstated provided they are turned off at night to prevent noise disturbances. Together with Lord Mayor Clover Moore, I have asked the roads minister to restore automatic pedestrian phasing that was in place during the pandemic and consult with the community on additional locations across the inner city. We are yet to receive a response. Our letter > HERE.

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