Bail Laws

Bail Laws

Gendered, and domestic and family violence causes the death of dozens of women every year in Australia and is responsible for untold terror, trauma, injury, homelessness, and disadvantage. Worryingly domestic violence rates are rising not declining which has come to light by recent horrific murders. 

In Parliament I supported a government bill to make it harder for anyone charged with a serious domestic violence or coercive control offence to get bail and ensure those who do get bail wear an electronic monitoring device. The laws will ensure bail decisions prioritise victim safety. I worked with the government to prohibit registrars making bail decisions including for domestic violence offences through the bill.

But most offenders don’t face the criminal justice system until they use lethal force and bail reform is too late. During debate I called for a funding boost for the domestic violence sector and social housing to ensure victims can safely escape abuse before it is too late and for targeted programs for LGBTIQA+ domestic violence victims. My speech in debate > HERE.

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