Barangaroo Central Mod 9

Barangaroo Central Mod 9

I have been astounded by the utter lack of sensitivity the latest Barangaroo development modification has shown for preserving our iconic harbour for public use, the land’s heritage surrounds, and public open space.

A tower of about 20 storeys is proposed adjacent to Harbour Park and Nawi Cove where it will erode amenity including by obstructing the sun from these important public harbour attractions. The tower will block historic links that form part of the heritage values of Observatory Hill and the Millers Point Conservation Area – Observatory Hill Park has almost 270 degrees of uninterrupted views of Sydney Harbour dating back to when the park was used to signal incoming ships. The massive increase in floor space across Central Barangaroo will creep onto the Harbour Park and Hickson Park, betraying a promise that Hickson Park would be preserved when Crown was permitted to build over what was meant to be Barangaroo South’s harbour park.

Yet again, we see a Barangaroo proposal that ignores the looming housing crisis with no affordable or social housing allocated and priority given to privatising the harbour for short-term real estate profit. See the Sydney Morning Herald report > HERE.

My submission on the Barangaroo Central Modification 9 calls for this second-rate proposal to be rejected. While the exhibition date has closed, many in the community have been given an extension and I encourage you to get your objections in today. My submission > HERE

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