Barrie Williams

Barrie Williams

(Community Recognition Statement, 21 November 2019, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

On behalf of the Sydney Electorate I wish to record the sad passing of my constituent and friend Barrie Williams. Barrie was an amazingly positive person during cancer treatment, remaining involved in community and travelling, always saying he was “fabulous” because he was alive and enjoying life. Barrie was an active citizen, engaged in community campaigns, from opposing the monorail and rebuilding the stadium to addressing climate change. He supported independents in politics, working with those representatives who fought for their community and fair treatment for the LGBTIQ community.

He grew up in the Mallee, was called up to fight in Vietnam and was badly injured. He lived in Asia, including many years in Singapore, and had a long work history in IT. Barrie was married and separated with two daughters and was a proud and involved grandfather. Some years ago he began a new life back in Sydney and sponsored his long time partner Roger Lew from Malaysia. Barrie’s families and friends will miss him. I am proud to have worked with Barrie and valued his friendship and support.

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