Bill To End LGBTI Discrimination In Private Schools

Bill To End LGBTI Discrimination In Private Schools

22 February 2015

Alex Greenwich, the Independent Member for Sydney, will introduce legislation to the the New South Parliament to remove exemptions that allow private schools and colleges to discriminate against gay, lesbian, and trans* teachers and students. 

Mr Greenwich said:

"Teachers and students shouldn't have to live in fear of being kicked out of a school for being true to themselves".

"Forcing teachers to hide their sexuality for fear of losing their job is bad for both teachers and students. If teachers or other staff are fired for their sexuality, this will impact significantly on same-sex-attracted students while encouraging bullying and homophobia"

"There are more LGBTI role models now than ever before and teens are feeling more and more comfortable in coming out. This shouldn't be at the risk of being kicked out of their school". 

Mr Greenwich has written to Premier Baird seeking support for the legislation saying:

"In response to my question to you in Parliament about support of the LGBTI community, you said “discrimination against any individual or group on the basis of race, religion or sexuality has no place in NSW” and I ask that you apply this commitment to LGBTI students and teachers of private educational authorities."

Mr Greenwich has also written to Opposition Leader Luke Foley seeking his support: 

"The NSW Labor Party supported my previous Anti-Discrimination Amendment (Private Educational Authorities) Bill 2013 relating to students and I ask that you retain this position and extend your support to removing exemptions that allow LGBTI teachers to be discriminated against."

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