Biodiversity Threat

Biodiversity Threat

14 June 2016

Before clearing native vegetation on private property got restricted, hundreds of thousands of hectares of biodiverse rich land were destroyed every year in NSW. Now the NSW Government is proposing to adopt a scheme similar to Queensland’s which increased clearing to almost 300,000 hectares a year. Private land provides essential carbon sinks and habitat to threatened species like the koala; the proposed bills are a recipe for massive destruction and potential extinction at a time when we need to protect what is left.

Environment groups are alarmed by the potential destruction to our biodiversity and are calling on people across the state to oppose the draft bills. You can find guides to writing a submission at – comment due by 28 June. My submission strongly opposes the proposed ‘Sustain, Invest, Protect: A new approach to land management and conservation in NSW’, which will have the opposite outcome. Read my submission HERE

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