The 2020/2021 NSW Budget offers support to Sydney’s hospitality sector, active transport, hospitals, major cultural institutions, as well as some of the most vulnerable people. St Vincent's Hospital receives $25 million, with millions of dollars to major arts institutions including the Australian Museum, Art Gallery of NSW, Museum of Applied Arts and Science and the Sydney Opera House. The Royal Botanic Gardens and the National Arts School also receive capital funds.

The potential for a shift from the stamp duty to land tax could mean that buying a home is more affordable for first home buyers and those needing to move or downsize however the impact on property prices will need to be closely monitored. You can get details of the proposal and give feedback at: > HERE.

Funding for 1,300 extra social housing homes is good, but we need many more and I will continue to push for massive increases – the Victorian budget will fund 12,000 new social housing homes!  

I’m pleased the government has responded to my repeated requests for help to apartment buildings with flammable cladding through interest-free loans and an advice service. It is great to see disability advocacy funding continue for another year, but this must be permanent. While the 1.5 per cent wage increase for the public sector is above the Industrial Relations Commission .3 per cent, the decision is a slap in the face for front line workers who have kept vital services going.

I’ve asked the minister to protect personal information and make sure that people who are not online have access to the $100 Out and About voucher scheme for hospitality, arts and tourism outlets: > HERE.

I’ll continue to push for increased social housing and support for dedicated live music venues. The budget papers: > HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!