Bush Fires: How We Can All Help

Bush Fires: How We Can All Help

(Update, Monday 6 January 2019)

Over the end of year break, my office has been inundated with people distressed by the bushfires and wanting to help those impacted. Thank you for the comfort and generosity so many have provided to those in need. 

Widespread devastation still rages with unprecedented bush fires across a huge swathe of NSW. Sydneysiders continue to support those affected and send our thanks to those working hard to stop the fires. 

You can support disaster recovery with donations to on-the-ground disaster help through the Red Cross HERE, Salvation Army HERE or the Rural Fire Service HERE.

It’s been estimated that at least 480 million animals have been affected since September as a result of the bushfires (SEE). You can donate to WIRES to support wildlife help HERE, the RSPCA for work with animals HERE, or Animal Welfare League NSW mobile vet truck HERE

I support a Royal Commission into the fires, which could clearly set out the causes and action needed. More immediately, I’ll be working with the NSW Government in my role as Chair of the Parliament's Environment and Planning Committee to see much bolder efforts to reduce emissions and protect our environment and communities.

The year ahead is a critical one for the future and I look forward to working with you to address the challenges ahead. 

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!