Business Voting Bill to be introduced at 10am, Followed by Press Conference at 10:45am

Alex Greenwich, the Independent Member for Sydney, will introduce a bill to improve business voting in the City of Sydney just after 10am today in the NSW Legislative Assembly. This will be followed by a press conference out the back of NSW Parliament at 10:45am at the tree.

The Shooters and Fishers Party are expected to introduce their bill at a similar time, which will give businesses twice the vote of residents. 

Mr Greenwich said:

"The Baird Government has two clear options: support my bill and improve business voting in the City of Sydney or do a deal with the Shooters Party to halve the vote of Sydney's residents"

Mr Greenwich said the Shooters and Fishers Bill is an unsustainable model:

"Halving the votes of residents is offensive to democracy and you can expect that such legislation will be repealed when there is a change of government" 

"I urge the government not to rush the Shooters and Fishers bill through, but to consult with businesses, residents, the City of Sydney and local representatives to ensure democracy in local government elections."