Central Barangaroo

Central Barangaroo

Plans for Central Barangaroo are now on exhibition for public comment and I encourage community members to have your say by Monday 8 August.

This site is the final section of the massive Barangaroo development, which has demonstrated successive planning decisions favouring developers and overriding public benefit. The proposal will increase floor space and building heights, blocking heritage views from Observatory Hill to the harbour. It proposes changes to Hickson Road and it is not clear that promised parkland or affordable housing will eventuate.

There are information webinars 5.30-7.30pm Thursday 28 July and 2-4pm Saturday 30 July. Details > HERE.

Send me a copy of your submission and I will include community concerns in my submission on the project. Link with the campaign group very concerned about local impacts > HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!