City of Sydney Bushfire Fundraising

05 March 2020

City of Sydney Bushfire Fundraising

(Community Recognition Statement, 5 March 2020, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

On behalf of the Sydney Electorate, I commend the generous community response to the City of Sydney's New Year's Eve fundraiser, run with the ABC and Australian Red Cross. Incredibly, this one night event raised $13.3 million. The City of Sydney and ABC used the annual New Year's Eve display and the attention it receives to activate concern for those affected by fires, drawing attention to those communities where lives, homes and property were lost, and to plants, forests and fields burned, along with innumerable animals and insects. Separately, the City of Sydney donated $620,000 and with the Office of Local Government, the City set up Local Government Bushfire Recovery Support Group, which coordinates staff, equipment and vehicles that councils across the state can send to help recovery efforts in affected areas. I am hopeful that this significant pool of funds will ensure rebuilding and recovery as well as a bank for the next major disaster we face. These devastating fires will have serious and long-lasting impacts. The community response has been amazing, with all sorts of people and groups showing humanity and generosity. I'm proud to be part of this community.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!