Clean Energy

Clean Energy

Last week the government introduced landmark legislation to modernise the state’s electricity supply so that it is reliable, affordable and sustainable. The plan involves a massive injection of renewable energy onto the grid with supported transmission infrastructure and will attract new investment in green energy. Our coal fired power stations are nearing the end of their life and the planet cannot afford us not to transform supply. Renewable energy is now also the cheapest form of power.

The communities that have powered the state with cheap, reliable coal fired electricity for over a century must share the benefits of the transformation. I am negotiating amendments with the government to set up a framework for a just transition authority to build resilience in their economies and promote a renewable energy jobs boom with exports. As chair of the environment and planning committee, I heard about the significant job opportunities from clean energy including in green hydrogen which has export potential, but planning is needed to ensure these jobs go to the communities where power stations will close. My amendments will also ensure that greenhouse gas emission reductions underpin the new energy policy.

In a political space that has been fraught with scare-mongering, stalled progress for over two decades, it was great to see the multi-partisan cooperation to move forward with a new way of powering the state. My speech: > HERE. Our Independent MPs’ joint statement of support for the plan: > HERE.

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