Climate Change Bill

Climate Change Bill

The world is on a dangerous path towards mass destruction of life as we know it. The climate crisis has already started to increase extreme weather events, sea level rises and ocean carbon densification. Every aspect of society, culture, environment and economy will be impacted, with the survival of future generations at risk. Science tells us we need to wholly transition to net zero with the bulk of abatement to occur this decade.
The government introduced climate change legislation to mandate greenhouse gas reduction targets and create a net zero commission to set a pathway for the state to get there. While the bill’s initial targets of 50 percent reductions by 2030 and net zero by 2050 lacked ambition, the parliament worked together to improve the bill achieving a 70 percent reduction target by 2035 and empowering the Net Zero Commission to make submissions on fossil fuel projects.

I hope the bill will act as the needed catalyst to slow the expansion of coal mining in this state. Although coal is driving climate change, the Independent Planning Commission has been bound to approve projects because of pro-coal state policies established under the last government. The new climate bill represents a clear state policy that the commission should now consider before making determinations. I will monitor how useful this is and look forward to recommendations from the commission to move forward with meaningful action on climate change.

My speech on the Climate Change (Net Zero Future) Bill 2023 > HERE.  

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