Clr Jess Miller

Clr Jess Miller

Community Recognition Notice, 16 November 2021, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament

On behalf of the Sydney electorate, I thank Councillor Jess Miller for her work on the City of Sydney since 2016. 

Councillor Jess Miller has served on the City of Sydney Council since 2016, bringing the concerns of younger people, nightlife and the environment and climate change. She's advocated that councils need young people actively involved to represent the community and act for the future. Jess has been behind ongoing greening of the city, supporting tree planting, new open green space, roof gardens and hanging gardens and community gardens. Jess has worked with the young campaigners for climate justice, helping to magnify their voices and make sure their concerns are heard and acted on. She's seen her role on council to be a 'changemaker' at this level as well as with community campaigns and advocacy groups. Jess is passionate about active transport and you will see her riding her bike around the city. Her interest in urban ecology and food has contributed to a new Parliamentary Inquiry into food security that I will proudly chair. I thank Clr Jess Miller for her contribution to the City and our future as a Councillor.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!