Coal Transition

Coal Transition

Across the globe, the demand for thermal coal is reducing and this trend is set to continue as countries work to meet their Paris Agreement targets. This trend is important in reducing climate change impacts but as state with high coal exports and some communities highly reliant on coal industries, we must prepare to prevent significant disruption. With my independent colleagues Grep Piper and Joe McGirr, I have called for a Transition Authority and 10 year adjustment strategy for coal mining communities to support workers and diversify economies. There are great job opportunities in renewable energy, tourism and agriculture that are less environmentally destructive. Our op ed on the issue and our call: HERE

The student action calling on governments to urgently address climate change gives us hope for the future. They will rally again Friday 15 March 12-2pm at Sydney Town Hall: HERE. You can support their campaign too: HERE

Please find my letter to the Premier HERE.

Please find my letter to the Leader of the Opposition HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!