Cockle Bay Wharf

Cockle Bay Wharf

Tuesday 12 December 2017

The revised Cockle Bay Wharf redevelopment remains intrusive and completely inappropriate. The community has repeatedly opposed high rise towers against the public foreshore, yet that is what is being proposed again – along with overshadowing and wind as well as view impacts on the promenade and heritage Pyrmont Bridge. The tower height is being reduced by only 40 metres to 195 metres.

The 150 car parking spaces remain excessive, especially in this already congested part of the city that has bus, train, and ferry services. While new open space is welcome, it could be delivered with a less intrusive proposal.

The state government has failed to establish a strategic plan for this part of Darling Harbour to ensure good planning principles are applied so that only light, low rise buildings are permitted on the waterfront. High rise proposals are now rampant and planners continue to assess them on an ad hoc basis; meanwhile Darling Harbour’s human scale is being eroded for private gain. The government should act as custodian of the harbour and protect it from overdevelopment otherwise future generations will wonder what we were thinking when all these monstrosities were approved.

My submission will again oppose overdevelopment. Comment due 15 December:

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