Coroner calls for DCI Pam Young to be removed from Scott Johnson case

(Cec Busby, 21 April 2015,

The State Coroner Michael Barnes has called for the removal of Detective Chief Inspector Pam Young from the investigation into the murder of Scott Johnson, whose naked body was found on the base of a cliff at Manly in 1988....


...Sydney MP Alex Greenwich has written to police Comissioner Andrew Scipione calling for Young to be replaced.

Greenwich told GNN he had been contacted by numerous constituents who had expressed concerns regarding Young's impartiality and ability to investigate the case.

In Greenwich's letter he said there was serious community concern that Young was dismissive of historic homophobic treatment.

"The community must have confidence that all officers working on this cases will be unbiased and treat homosexual victims with the same respect and dignity afforded others. Community members have called for this officer to be removed from these investigations," wrote Greenwich.

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