COVID Changes

COVID Changes

The government has changed the ‘roadmap’ for easing of restrictions at the 70 percent and 80 percent vaccination rates > HERE.

New rules apply from today, and are different depending on your vaccination status > HERE.

I thank everyone for their hard work staying home, following very restrictive rules and importantly getting vaccinated. These efforts have brought cases down dramatically and allowed the removal of lockdown restrictions. First dose vaccination rates are now at 90 percent of over 16 year olds! I strongly encourage anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated to do so immediately as this will protect them from disease and hospitalization, slow the circulation of the virus in the community and protect the vulnerable > HERE.

Booster vaccine shots are available to improve protection against COVID for people with compromised immunity, like those with cancer, transplants or HIV > HERE. Contact your doctor for information.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!