Crown Lands Threat

Crown Lands Threat

8 November 2016

Environment groups are calling for debate and vote on the Crown Lands Management Bill to be deferred until next year. The bill makes it easier for the government to sell and develop Crown lands ahead of a planned stocktake of the entire estate. The government did not release a draft of the long and complex bill and if it comes to the lower house in its current form I will oppose it.

Crown lands provide significant environmental, social, recreational, heritage and cultural values that must be protected. Join the campaign to get debate on the bill deferred HERE

I’ve worked with local residents to protect the Crown land Paddington Bowling Club site from development and retain it for public recreation. Journalist Wendy Bacon has tracked the history of threats to this Crown land HERE. The minister’s response to my latest question shows that the future of this site remains up in the air. Minister's response HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!