When safe direct cycling options are provided, lots of people use bikes because they are a healthy, clean, affordable and fast way to travel, thereby freeing up road and public transport space for those who cannot ride.

I welcome the reopening of the College Street separated cycleway, which is part of the city’s strategic bicycle network and will provide the crucial link with paths on King and Pitt streets, and planned ones on Oxford and Macquarie streets.

I met with residents around the Moore Park Road pop-up cycleway and raised my concerns with the Lord Mayor that the temporary solution is causing significant amenity and safety problems for Moore Park Road residents. The strategic bike network plan links the completed Bondi Junction and the planned Oxford Street Darlinghurst cycleways via Oxford Street Paddington, not Moore Park Road.

The Oxford Street East Cycleway is now in early design stage and provides opportunities to revitalise this important shopping high street with slower and less through-traffic, more pedestrian crossings and beautification works. I understand that some residents and business operators are concerned that they have not had adequate opportunity to provide input on initial concept designs. I have asked Transport for NSW to provide a community meeting and will call on the new minister to do this if I’m re-elected.

I will work with government, the community and both councils to ensure all concerns are addressed and we have a safe and thriving Oxford Street for businesses and residents. 

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!